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Orphan Black spoilers!

  • My thoughts:

  • Helena:

    "Excuse me, my seestra shot me." lol best line of the episode.

  • I'm glad that Sarah is finally going to tell Art what the hell is going on.

  • I originally thought that Mrs. S took Kira to protect her from all the shit that was going down but apparently I was wrong.

  • Those creepy ass guys from the diner are freaking me out.

  • It amazes me how Tatiana can play Sarah playing Cosima and have it be believable...good god she is amazing!

Actors meeting their characters

  • John:

    good evening, you alright?

  • Martin:

    what the fuck

  • -

  • Benedict:

    oh my gosh hi, I am so sorry are you okay? can I get you anything?

  • Sherlock:


  • -

  • Derek:

    stiles is such a dumbass omg

  • Tyler:

    smh shut up u love him

  • -

  • Stiles:


  • Dylan:

    aayyyyy lmao

  • -

  • Dean:

    I secretly love castiel

  • Jensen:

    I openly love misha

  • -

  • Castiel:

    I am castiel, angel of the lord

  • Misha:

    lmao yeah okay did u see this video of me cooking with my son

  • -

  • Captain Jack:

    I like dick

  • John:

    I like dick

  • -

  • Matt:

    Its crazy how we finish eachothers-

  • Doctor:


  • Matt:


  • -

  • Tony Stark:

    I'm Iron Man

  • Robert Downey junior:

    No, I'm Iron Man

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